Drop Fox News

Fox News is a malevolent and destructive force, plain and simple. The network will not change unless it is forced -- which is why we are calling on advertisers to distance themselves from the network and say no to sponsoring Fox.

Regardless of which part of Fox companies run advertisements, they are reinforcing the network’s toxicity and hate: Both the "news side" and the "opinion side" are cogs in the same propaganda machine. The network as a whole is the problem, not merely a few prime-time hosts. All Fox programs are complicit in propelling this dangerous misinformation and fearmongering. Companies cannot be fooled into running ads on any Fox News program, period.

At a normal outlet, journalists report on stories and try to break news. At Fox, on-air talent who roughly adhere to journalistic standards serve a very different purpose: They provide Fox’s PR team with a fig leaf to point to when critics decry the network’s vile programming.

At this point, no matter where companies advertise on Fox News, they are supporting the network’s extremism and bigotry. Quarantining their ads to only a small subset of programs will not insulate their brand from public rebuke when Fox News' next controversy strikes.


Advertiser efforts work. In the past, activists like you have used these efforts to demand accountability from Fox News -- and right now, our people-powered movement to tell advertisers to #DropFox is making the network nervous. Executives have been sounding the alarm about their dire need to bring advertisers back into the fold -- especially as 2020 nears.

That’s why we have to keep the momentum going. There’s more work to be done: Companies need to know that a Fox News lie is a Fox news lie is a Fox News lie.

Sponsoring Fox News is a choice. When companies advertise on the network, they support bigotry, rank propaganda, and dangerous conspiracy theories. Fox News executives don't care. They have done nothing to hold their talent accountable for the toxicity that they regularly spew.

To the contrary, bigotry and propaganda are encouraged at Fox.


Advertisers should not be fooled: When they advertise on Fox News, they support the network's extremism and bigotry.

Join us in saying that enough is enough. Fox News is bad for business. Companies that do business with Fox News are financially supporting the network's toxic bigotry and propaganda.

Take action. Tell advertisers to #DropFox.